Basketball Wives Miami Has 2 New Ladies

Now that we’ve had our guilty pleasure fix of Basketball Wives LA, it’s time to gear up for the original to return.

The upcoming season of Basketball Wives Miami comes with new changes.VIBE Vixen reports that Evelyn Lozada will be leaving the drama while Kenya Bell and Kesha Nichols joining the rest of the crew. The two ladies come with drama built in with Bell being arrested for stabbing her husband Charlie Bell and Nichols being left at the altar by her runaway fiancé Richard Jefferson.

A lot will be in store for viewers this season, so gear up and get ready for the drama. –Krystal Holmes


Men Tips!!!


Explore Different Dating Arenas

Only going to the movies and out to eat on every date is so 1997. Show her your diversity. Show her something that she has not seen before at least once or twice while dating her. This is what makes you stand out among the crowd of other men who might be attempting to court her. This is what helps to make her see you as “special” or “different”. It can also help her to consider you to be a “thinker”.  Some suggestions are to go to a play, the opera, a museum, a city tour or even a local jazz/blues lounge.