Summer is around the corner and I know how we ladies love to cut up a shirt and make it our own.  Well, I found a very cute DIY One Shoulder T-Shirt Project on Pinterest (follow us Juicy Pieces) with NO sewing needed.  I plan on trying this for the summer and wanted to share…….

SUPPLIES NEEDED:  T-Shirt, Chalk and Scissors

How to determine the size tee-shirt you need
Large mens tee-shirt for a small build
Extra large mens tee-shirt for a medium build
XXL mens tee- shirt for a large build



First Step is to cut the side of shirt that you DON’T want to tie.  Then cut off sleeve of opposite arm.

black s 1-1


Then cut the top part of the arm so you have 2 pieces, as seen below….

black s4-2


This is how I measured for me. Just measure across the front of your body.
13 inches from the top shoulder
16 inches,  about 3 inches lower- almost to my waist
15 inches at the waist
back to 18 inches at the hips.
cut in to your marks.

black s 2-1-3

You can cut off a small piece as shown in the picture… it might feel better on your arm, also cut your shirt up the side to open it up  so that you can tie the strips you cut.

black s6-4

Now tie your shirt you can adjust it however you like, tighter or more loose.
the second tie from the top, you want to tie a small knot at the end..
because this will hang off your shoulder.
blacks 7-1-4-5