DIY Glasses/Sunglasses Storage

Some of us have a fetish with sunglasses and or glasses.  After purchasing several pair we need to find a way to store them.  In this blog you will find several ways to store your sunglasses or glasses.  Most of the DIY projects need very minimal supplies.  Take a look below to see which best fits your space and amount of glasses.  There are several ideas for if you own 6-30+ pairs of sunglasses/glasses.


Supplies:  Clothesline clips and Velcro tape

Measure how far you want clips apart, measure tape to fit back of clip, stick pieces on wall and a piece on clip, stick clip onto Velcro tape on wall or board.  Clip glasses onto clothesline clips



Supplies:  Piece of wood (you determine size based on number of glasses), Picture hanging hooks, nails and paint

Paint piece of wood, nail picture hooks into wood spaced out, hang glasses



Supplies:  Hanger, ribbon and thumb tacks

Tie ribbon as a bow at top of hanger, place glasses on hanger then hang on wall with thumb tack


Supplies:  Ribbon (color of your choice), Blank canvas (color of your choice) and picture hooks

Take ribbon and tie in back of canvas, place glasses on ribbon and hang as a picture on wall


Supplies: Ribbon (your choice of color), thumb tacks (and a large cork board

Place thumb tacks into ribbon on cork board at least 2-3 inches apart, hang glasses



Hope this helps with storage of your sunglasses/glasses.  There’s nothing like your favorite glasses getting all scratched up from not storing them properly.

Organize Your Specs – DIY




Go out and buy a cheap frame or grab one that you love but is currently unused, some cute ribbon (I suggest elastic or stretch lace), a screwdriver, scissors, ruler and your staple gun and let’s get to it!


STEP 1: Remove all hardware from the back of your frame. Remove the picture, frame, glass, etc. I’m not sure that i’ll ever use them, but I saved all of the hardware from the back. You just never know when that will come in handy.

If your frame doesn’t currently have a way to be hung, go ahead and attach your choice of picture hanger.

STEP 2: Measure the length of your frame and determine how far to space out your strips of ribbon. Be sure that you will have plenty of room between them as they hang. Use a ruler and draw a straight line across both the left and right back side of the frame.

You’ll use this as a guide to attach your ribbon, so the more exact the better the end results. I went ahead and placed a pair of glasses about half an inch below each line, just to double check that it would work out. Skip this if you are more confident about your math skills!

STEP 3: Cut your ribbon to length as needed. Be sure that your pretty side is facing away from you and, using your lines you drew as guides, staple the ribbon onto the back side of the frame. One staple per side was more than adequate for my frame.

Here’s Another example made with lace….



Info inspired from Alison at Dream A Little Bigger


Top 10 Must-Haves To Rock Your Natural Hair On A Budget

Written by Strand Therapy from

Welcome to Strand Therapy! brought to you by Your Partner In “Natural” Style— Design Essentials NaturalStrand Therapy is your one-stop-shop for all things natural! If you are currently transitioning, not sure what styles are best for your hair type, or if you need help maintaining your kinky curly tresses (or straightening them) then this is the place for you!

To kick things off, we’re proud to present our “Top 10 Must-Haves to Rock Your Natural Hair on a Budget.”  Whether you are newly natural or a seasoned natural going through transitions, here are some great tips to keep your curls and coils coiffed and sexy while on a shoestring budget:

  1. Make your own leave-in conditioner with a spray bottleconditioner, and water.
  2. Use apple cider vinegar as a final rinse to break down the harsh chemicals present in the water.
  3. Don’t forget about hair oil! (Oils moisturize the scalp, provide nutrients to the hair, and promote hair growth).
  4. Consider making your own deep conditioners by mixing household nourishing ingredients (honey, apple cider, bananas, vinegar, eggs, avocado, and mayonnaise)
  5. Plastic caps are great for deep conditioning. Once applied to the head, it locks in the moisture and provides heat. It’s also another great alternative to using a hooded hair dryer when secured around the head with a hot towel.
  6. Use a Flaxseed Styling Gel as it promotes hair growth, leaves hair feeling soft, moisturized, shiny, and healthy.
  7. Use a Sulfate free shampoo and conditioner. Stay away from baking soda as it can strip the hair of moisture. (Sulfate-free shampoos reduce hair irritation, hair loss, color fading, and frizziness).
  8. Essential Styling tools should include: bobby pins, satin scarf, tail comb, blow dryer, diffuser, butterfly clips and rubber row brush.
  9. Indulge in essential oils.  There are so many to choose from!  Lavender oils calm and soothe the scalp. Basil stimulates hair growth. Tea Tree decreases scalp dryness.
  10. Patience is very important when learning to style and maintain your hair.  It’s important to allocate time to style your hair and stick to a regimen. It will pay off!.