5 Tips on using jewelry to put together a great outfit………….

Now that I am a little older & more confident, I have become slightly addicted to buying and wearing jewelry.  I find such inspiration and beauty in jewelry, how it is crafted and how it looks with different pieces of clothing. I also love how significant it can be when given as a gift or purchased on a special trip or for a special occasion in our lives.

If you are not really sure how to use jewelry to put together a great outfit, check out these five tips:



Jewelry Pieces featured: several layered necklaces by Juicy Pieces.

1. Mix & Match similar materials. Find pieces that compliment each other, they do not have to be all the same design or style.  Mix vintage with contemporary or stack different bracelet styles together like pearls and sparkly jewel bracelets. Just don’t mix completely different materials together like wood with chunky silver chains or hard plastic with diamonds.

2. Don’t be afraid to wear big or bright colored jewelry. Make a statement with one piece of jewelry, this is not only in style but can totally take your outfit from a 6 or 7 to a perfect 10! However, keep other pieces of jewelry smaller or if you wear a bold necklace, skip the bracelet and just pair it with delicate earrings or one big chunky ring so it isn’t overwhelming or distracting.

3. Wear versatile pieces.  Find jewelry that can be dressed up or dressed down. Look for pieces that go just as well with a nice business outfit or jeans and a nice top.  Also look for pieces that can be worn multiple lengths or ways. One must have in every jewelry box should be a long silver chain necklace. These necklaces look great with most every outfit and most every face shape and body size.

4. Compliment your outfit. Your jewelry should compliment your outfit but it does not have to match it completely. Wearing different shades of the same color or pairing a contrasting, bright colored necklace with a dark outfit is like adding the icing to the cake.

5. Take care of & organize your jewelry.  Keep it in the pouch it comes in or in a jewelry box, armoire or organizer.  Pay attention to how to clean it, not all jewelry should be cleaned with store bought jewelry cleaner.  Also when your jewelry is organized it will be easier for you to quickly find it and put it together with your outfits. If your jewelry is jumbled together or crammed in boxes in a drawer, you will not be as likely to wear it.  Make it easier on yourself and keep your jewelry in pristine condition at the same time by keeping it organized.

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