Simple Scarf Storage


Scarf-Storage (1) Scarf-Storage

Need more room for all those scarves in your closet?  I know I do…..My scarves take up so much space in my closet.  Then I found this GREAT idea of how you can store your scarves and save space.  You can buy a pack of shower rings, use a hanger and make all your scarves accessible with more space.  You can also use any type of glue to keep the rings in place.   Hope it works for you as it did for me.  🙂


Use Ribbon and An Old Necklace to Make A New Necklace

I call this the ribbon trick. There are so many different looks you can acheive and change up. This is a fabulous way to stretch your dollar by giving a new look to jewels you already own! PLUS, ribbon is super cheap (I buy the .97 rolls of 5/8″ or 1/2″ at Wal-Mart)



1. Place ribbon around the back of your neck and measure down to your mid chest.


2. Add about 4 inches (to make a bow, omit if you a just making a knot), then DOUBLE that length



3. Take the two ends and tie a knot leaving about a 4 inch tail


. Tie the tail into a bow.


5. Open up the loop you have created and lay it on a flat surface


6. Double a long necklace (you’ll see variations of this later) and overlap the ribbon as shown.


7. Grab the ribbon in the center of the circle with one hand and the ribbon outside with the other. Place the doubled ribbon over your neck and adjust the necklace accordingly!IMGP5209




8. Ka-CHing! Finished result.



Here is the result if I were to triple (rather than double) the necklace in step 6 and lay it over the ribbon



The result of quadrupling (instead of doubling) the necklace in step 6