Don’t Hoard Your Nail Strips! Those Suckers Have A Shelf Life!

I absolutely love nail strips!!!  They are so easy to use and give you an affordable manicure.  You can change you polish in a matter of moments and don’t have to wait for dry time, unless you want a top coat.  I didn’t know they had a shelf life and wanted to share this information with you.  So if you think you’re being clever/saving money by hoarding the nail strips you didn’t use up the first time around, you’re actually not accomplishing either of those goals. Once opened and left to sit (even in an airtight container, ugh), they will no longer work. The sticky is gone. We repeat, the sticky is gone! Benefit from our (massive, as evidenced by the photo) mistake and make this one smart move the next time you…umm, strip: Bring a friend! Share your next box with a pal. Apply them together. Have a cocktail while you’re at it if you wanna. Just don’t save them! Save yourselves!

**Not sure what the shelf time is for the nail strips.  I have had them as long as a month and they worked just fine.