Pantone 2017 Fall Color Trends and Fashion

This years 2017 Fall colors are some of my personal favorites!!  Most of the color titles we may call something different, but they’re all just beautiful to me.  You can mix and match these colors.  You can include several of these colors in one outfit.  Most of the fashion you’ll see in stores will be shades of the colors below.  As you can see below, many accessories are being produced in these fabulous colors.  I have listed the color names and some examples of fashion in these beautiful colors.

**BONUS** – The color Marina will also serve as Denim.  You will see Denim accessories and fashion pieces quite a bit this Fall.  Prada has even produced a denim line of purses for this Fall.


PANTONE 17-1558 Grenadine

A powerful, evocative, dynamic red, Grenadine is a confident and self-assured attention-getter.

PANTONE 19-1725 Tawny Port

Taking the Red family to new depths, Tawny Port is elegant, sophisticated, and tasteful.

PANTONE 13-2808 Ballet Slipper

Descended from the Red family but with a softer touch, Ballet Slipper is always flattering and reminiscent of the rosy glow of health.

PANTONE 16-1341 Butterum

This snug, warming, and toasty shade is evocative of drinking a glass of Butterrum by a roaring fire on a cool autumn evening.

PANTONE 19-4029 Navy Peony

A mainstay for the season for both palettes, Navy Peony is a dependable and an anchoring shade. Solid and stable, the hue takes some of the load off of black as a go-to neutral.

PANTONE 17-4402 Neutral Gray

The standard bearer of all neutrals, Neutral Gray shares the anchoring role with Navy Peony in this palette. It can be used as an accent or a head-to-toe statement shade.

PANTONE 19-4524 Shaded Spruce

This is a green you might see in the forest – sheltering and protective as evergreen trees.

PANTONE 16-0543 Golden Lime

Earthy tones with a twist, the golden undertones of Golden Lime makes this yellow-green shade a refreshing complement to fall classics.

PANTONE 17-4041 Marina

Cool with an enhanced vitality, Marina is the only truly cool color in the fall palette that brings with it freshness and brightness.

PANTONE 17-1145 Autumn Maple

A quintessential autumn color, Autumn Maple is tawny and russet, introducing warmth into the palette.


Dos & Don’ts of wearing jewelry

Coinciding with his launch of his new jewelry collection, including his much-photographed  choker necklace, designer Michael Kors supplies the October 2011 issue of Glamour magazine with his version of “The Do’s & Don’ts of Wearing Jewelry.”

Kors’ five rules are, not surprisingly, focus on the current season’s looks and incorporate his trademark wit that makes him a popular personality on Project Runway. He touches on several styles I’ve recently posted about here:

He recommends wearing big hoop earrings with a simple ponytail or sleek chignon and not with a head of curly hair, so the wearer isn’t “just one tambourine shy of a Halloween costume.”

He recommends wearing chunky chain-link bracelets and necklaces with simple clothing for “sporty chic with a status edge,” but not with anything otherwise studded:  “Too many bold links and spikes are for biker babes.”

Kors recommends that readers wear “a single bold oversize ring as a glamorous exclamation point, day or night” but not with long, colorful nails, or “you’ll look like a strange blend of vintage hip-hop and drag queen.”

He recommends mixing metals or gems, but not both, to avoid “veering into Christmas tree territory.”

His final rule:  “DO invest in gold or silver cuff bracelets. They go beautifully with sleeveless tops and dresses.” So far, so good. Then Kors makes an inexplicable comment:

“DON’T forget to keep cuffs in proportion to you:  Smaller girl equals smaller cuffs.”

Putting aside the issue of calling grown women “girls” – something one gets used to hearing in reference to the models on Project Runway, I suppose – this last bit of advice makes no sense, particularly in light of the photograph that apparently was supplied by Kors himself to the magazine, if I’m reading the credits correctly. The young woman shown is very slender, yet she wears a pair of enormous cuff bracelets. If she’s not a “smaller girl,” then who is?  I am at a loss to understand this final piece of fashion advice.

DO take note of one issue created with wearing a pair of cuff bracelets – even on the slender woman in the photo, adding cuffs at the level of her thighs, particularly combined with a draped gown that adds horizontal emphasis at that point, emphasizes the width of her thighs. She looks bottom-heavy and out of proportion. To me, that is a fashion DON’T.

Author Cynthis Sliwa