2015 Pantone Color of the Year – Marsala

It’s redder than chocolate, browner than burgundy, and not quite maroon.

This color kinda reminds you of a rich, tasty glass of red wine.  This color has been seen so far in weddings, households, fashion, etc. since the beginning of the year.  I believe we will see more of this color now that the fall/winter has arrived.

You will see it everywhere!!!  From fashion to inside the home in decor.  It’s actually one of my personal favorites.  I love it in lipstick, especially.

Below see some of the colors to pair with Marsala this fall and how the color has been used to bring a vibrant hue into your life.












Rain boots…

I know I wear mine a lot…I thought this was such a GREAT idea I had to share.
Gather together the following materials: 
Your boots (duh.)
A length of ribbon.  I used about 1/2-3/4 of a yard for each bow.
2 grommet sets for each boot (so FOUR total.  A front and back piece.) and a grommet maker
Scissors for making a hole in the rubber
Use fray check solution along the cut edges of the bow.  Let dry.
boots CollageStart by figuring out where you want your two grommet holes on each boot.  I pushed the round part of the grommet (that goes into the hole you cut) against the rubber to make a sort of “imprint,” and then cut that out roughly with my scissors.  **BE EXTRA CAREFUL ON THIS PART**  You don’t want to cut a huge hole, just one large enough to push the grommet through eye through. (watch out for your thumb)Follow the instructions on the grommet packaging to complete the grommet process.  If you’ve never done this before, try it out on a scrap of fabric first so you can get the hang of installing grommets.Thread the ribbon through and tie in a neat bow.  Trim length if needed.

Use fray check along the cut edges of the bow.  Let dry. (Which obviously, wasn’t done before the pics)